What country house do you need?

A country house may begin with a search for a plot of land. It may take several months from the moment of purchase to moving into a new wooden house.

After some time, how wonderful it is to find yourself in your new home, which is located near the forest itself, and feel the whole energy of nature outside the window.

The houses are different, cozy, comfortable and multi-storey, small. And there are houses in which you want to return. As a rule, everyone wants to quickly move into a new house, and the owners often rush the builders. But if the construction and decoration of the house is approached correctly, then speed is not needed here.

Large kitchen in the house, this is probably an important moment for any housewife. The kitchen is combined with the living room, and perhaps the only negative in this is the spread of smells when cooking. In this house, I liked the veranda, which even in winter remained with white curtains. Against the background of white snow and nature, it looks attractive.

I also liked the fact that neighboring houses in the cottage village are at a good distance from each other, which is also important. The presence of a fireplace in the house is also a kind of highlight in the interior. A heat center and a source of special energy, where you can spend more than one hour with pleasant conversations about life. The only thing I didn’t really like about the house was a narrow staircase to the second floor. Although it is tastefully hidden in the interior. In general, the interior decoration of the house does not hide the feeling that the house is primarily wooden.
Recently contacted MONTELGROUP. They built a house for us in http://montelgroup.me/en/turnkey-construction-montenegro/ very beautiful. We are all happy.


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